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LIST: YouTube Content Creators With Engineering-Related Content

If you are active across social networking and media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, odds are that you have encountered viral clips or full videos of different personalities in almost any type of interest like personal life, humor, fashion/beauty, news, politics, gaming, education/tutorial, travel/tourism, and health. This list goes on.

Vlogging has been a way of life for many – understandably, because there is big money if you have your own brand of content that is engaging and inviting, as well as followers that check out regular uploads who do not mind the advertisements. They go back to these YouTube channels which subscribers feel they could relate to, or be informed or entertained with, among other things, through their video content.

In the construction or engineering industries, we also have a list of YouTube channels of content creators that focus on subjects of architecture, civil engineering, and construction, as well as related fields. There are also pages that cater to engineering and math education, allowing students to study online and solve their homework.

I have rummaged through YouTube and asked around about people who are considered the most influential content creators in the construction/engineering industries and engineering/math education. Take note this is a personal list composed of Filipinos only, with a short review of their channels, and feel free to comment down below your personal favorites:

Slater Young

I’ve known Slater Young as that civil engineer who won an edition of Pinoy Big Brother, and we are all glad that he is representing the profession in the YouTube content creators’ community! His vlogs are yet few and with almost 300k followers as of writing, but with the way he creates videos and through his Skypod, we are all looking forward for more of his videos.

Oliver Austria

An architect by profession, Oliver Austria is a delight to watch on YouTube. He makes it to a point to inform his viewers about his reviews, injecting humor to it as well. Most, if not all, of his videos start with “PINOY ARCHITECT REACTS” and that is what he does best. But also, one thing: he knows what he talks about since he is a board exam topnotcher!

Maru Rico

Perhaps he has the most diverse content in this list: Engr Maru Rico, a civil engineer who now works in the United States, posts about his work, reaction videos, family life, money, and tips for students! Check him out

Noel Laude

Engr Noel Laude’s channel turned up on this list because when I keyed in “Engineer” on YouTube search, his channel turned on. And for a good reason! As an electrical engineer, he creates videos about the technical side of electrical engineering. If you dig a little deeper in his channel, he’ll show his keen interest in basketball, too.

Construction Engineer PH

So far unknown on who manages the channel but shows his face in Community Posts, Construction Engineer PH has everything you’d like to know about the basics of construction. Civil engineering students can learn a thing or two in his channel.

Mat Picardal

I apologize if this list is mostly composed of civil engineers, but they are the most followed content creators related to engineering on YouTube! Another is Mat Picardal, a structural engineer with a solid following of 40k subscribers and counting. He posts videos way before everyone joined the bandwagon, trying to engage his viewers in structural design.

Kippap Education

What’s nice about Engr Victor Joseph Villafuerte’s YouTube channel is that he has simplified the basics of engineering mathematics through short videos as well as maximizing the power of the calculator. The template of his videos is pretty neat and pleasing to the eyes too, a big plus points for someone like who is into design. Oh, he offers a virtual CE Coaching Program, too so if you are looking for a mentor, I can vouch for Kippap Education. Legit.

CE Box

Having difficulties navigating through your major subjects? CE Box is here to help you. With tailored videos for Prestressed Concrete, Steel Design, Statics of Rigid Bodies, among others, definitely this channel can help with those topics.

Isaiah James Maling

It’s all about mathematics for Isaiah’s YouTube channel. This is perfect even for STEM Students seeking to master mathematical concepts in preparation for engineering studies.


An electronics engineer by profession, this channel offers tutorials in lots of ECE topics and mathematics. He says it himself in his About Me: his goal is to help those people who are struggling in math and become good at it. If you one of them, you should definitely check his videos out.

Engr Jom De Guia

Now for the mechanical engineers! A registered mechanical engineer, Engr. Jom De Guia is also a Math, Physics, Science and Engineering lecturer according to his profile. His content takes the direction of a classroom – well, because he calls himself an academic subjects vlogger. Almost all of his videos exceed more than 30 minutes for him to make sure he got all items covered for each topic. 

John Rey Pacturanan

John Rey is another civil engineer in this list. His videos are mostly about topics in structural engineering, something that most civil engineering students struggle about. Having problems with trusses, beams, and moments, among other things? This is the YouTube channel to check out.

Engr Pogs

So far, this is the only channel that featured a Material Testing subject in a playlist – and he has lots of those videos! Other than that, Engr Pogs creates tutorials for engineering students particularly those studying Strength of Materials and Reinforced Concrete; and shares tips for young engineers with regard to their careers. His channel is designed to grow even more with the kind of content he has.

EngineerProf PH

Mathematics and engineering-related topics are the formula for EngineerProf PH’s Youtube Channel. Through his videos, he is looking that his viewers will learn from his detailed explanations to various engineering subjects from Algebra, Trigonometry, and Probability and Statistics. He has a lot – I mean A LOT – of videos for engineering students to study with.

Francisco Jr. Onde

A valued lecturer at Gillesania Review, Engr Francisco Onde shares in his YouTube Channel, wittingly called ONDEREAL Engineering Solutions, some videos that can save you in your civil engineering board exams. His techniques are that of a reviewer – short, simple, and fast (of course, correct). He has a variety of videos ranging from Differential Calculus to Reinforced Concrete Design. Want to experience how he teaches CE subjects? Go to his channel!

If you’d like to have someone featured in this list, e-mail me via for consideration. Thank you!

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