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Know More About Me

Hi! I am Engineer Dee.

First and foremost, welcome to my website! Feel free to browse and read my articles, but in this part I introduce myself and my work.

I am Engr. Dion Greg Reyes, or simply Dee, a 30-year-old slashie from Manila, Philippines.

I have been in various employments since I finished my civil engineering degree and passed the board exam: from being a civil engineer for a huge mall project, content editor for a Dubai-based digital publishing and marketing company, sales engineer for the country’s (arguably) number one solar installer, technical sales/business development in a Japanese multinational company, to an insurance agent-unit manager in the most stable life insurance company in the Philippines.

In my recent jobs, I was able to sideline as a content creator with more than 200,000 organic followers on Facebook. [Important Update]

Find out the details of my professional work in my curriculum vitae below.