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What Happened to the Engineer Dee Facebook Page?

If you’re a Filipino follower of Engineer Dee and curious about what happened to the Facebook page, check out this Tiktok video. That narrates everything that happened, including tips so it won’t happen to you as well as a fellow content creator.

Otherwise, read on.

Hello! I am Engineer Dee, an engineer-content creator from Manila, Philippines. My legal name is Dion Greg Reyes.

With an educational background in civil engineering and industry practice in digital publishing and marketing, I was able to grow my own Facebook page called Engineer Dee.

At first, it wasn’t my intention to build an audience online when I created that page in December 2016, until I realized I always had the creativity to attract and engage people of my kind on Facebook. ‘Engineer Dee’ was simply a dump site of the rejected content in my previous work as a home-based content editor for a Dubai-based digital publishing and marketing company.

I went on from zero to 200,000 organic followers in a span of six years. Check out my content creator portfolio here.

Unfortunately, the Engineer Dee Facebook page is now wiped out of the face of the platform. All that effort and hard work in developing the page has been claimed by someone else, as of writing an Indonesian gamer, after my personal Facebook account associated with the page was disabled by the social networking site on July 14, 2022.

Screenshot as of June 8, 2023

My account suspension happened after I had three strikes as a Facebook user:

  1. On my page, I posted a photo of me and a famous traditional artist named Apo Whang Od as she grabbed my crotch (with consent), reported by a page follower to be sexual or explicit content;
  2. I posted a non-malicious meme about the sw*stika logo related to an engineering concept, which was immediately marked as inappropriate content;
  3. Someone was able to enter my personal Facebook account and posted a graphic content via my Stories which triggered a child abuse violation.

Admittedly, I did not have my 2-Factor Authentication on, so my account was vulnerable to hackers.

It was a lesson learned.

I already moved on from the experience, and currently growing Engineer Dee 2.0, slowly making my way to that 200,000-followers mark again. Thankfully, my fellow content creators in the engineering niche are helping me get there.

Hopefully this explains why ‘Engineer Dee’ with the 200,000 followers is no longer visible.

Follow Engineer Dee in my official platforms below:

  • Facebook 1.7K likes | 2.3K followers
  • Tiktok @7.2K Followers | 307.1K Likes
  • YouTube @2.35K Subscribers | 48.23K views
  • Spotify 16,054 Plays | 2,289 Followers

 Check out my updated CV here.

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