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Why Get a Master Plumber License?

As someone from the field of engineering, you may have heard about the term “Master Plumber.” But what does this job really mean? What needs to be done before one is called a registered master plumber (RMP)?

According to the primer developed by the Professional Regulation Commission, which is the regulating body for RMPs, one of the primary functions of an RMP is to apply plumbing science into the real world, which involves studying the relationships between soil, waste & vent and fire protection, waste treatment facilities, septic system, and storm drainage systems within the building.

There are plenty of career opportunities in the field of master plumbing as there are various areas of specialization. This includes design of plumbing systems, design of waste treatment facility and septic systems, design of upfeed and downfeed water supply, project management, consultancy, and cost estimation.

Currently, there is no course that leads to a degree in master plumbing. However, since the basics of master plumbing are already covered in some courses, graduates of the following in a CHED-accredited university or college are allowed to take the MP Board Exam administered by the PRC then become RMPs once they pass:

  • BS in Architecture
  • BS in Civil Engineering
  • BS in Chemical Engineering
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • BS in Mining Engineering
  • BS in Electrical Engineering
  • BS in Sanitary Engineering

The MP Board Exam is usually held twice a year. Topics covered by the exam can be viewed here.

RMPs can take it to the next level and earn their Professional Master Plumber (PMP) license when they have at least 5 years of practice in the profession. For most RMPs this is a no brainer, since there is a huge demand for MPs in the Philippines given the wide applications in domestic, public, and industrial sectors.   

If you plan to explore this field as your sideline or perhaps focus on this industry, you have to be prepared before taking the Master Plumber Board Exam and pass it on your first take.

In this regard, Ace+ Review Center is there to help you.

With lecturers who are previous topnotchers in the MP Board Exam, Ace+ dedicates itself to provide quality master plumber review even amid the pandemic. Currently, enrolment is open for the online MP Review Program which starts this April in preparation for the July 2021 board exam.

The blended review program is composed of a comprehensive curriculum developed by the topnotcher-lecturers, supplemented by a mobile application that allows reviewees to revisit past lectures, access manuals, and take quizzes and mock exams at your convenience. If you are from Iloilo City, where Ace+ is based, there are face-to-face classes starting May 2021.

Previously Ace Master Plumber Review Center, Ace+ Review Center commits to its promise in helping you become a licensed master plumber, and even get you to become a topnotcher in the board exam. You will be partnered with a personal coach to guide you throughout your review journey.

Here are the schedule of classes for this 2021. Enrollment is ongoing!

  • Civil Engineering Physical Review Program – June 14, 2021
  • Architecture Physical Review Program – August 23, 2021
  • Master Plumber Online Review Program – April 14, 2021
  • Master Plumber Physical Review Program – May 16, 2021

Inquire in the following channels to get started:

Ace the MP board exam and become a multi-licensed professional!

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