LIST: Civil Engineers With the Highest Board Exam Ratings in Recent History

It is one thing to pass the board exam and become a civil engineer, and another to be part of the list of topnotchers or those with the highest ratings. But it is one more if you barely got the perfect score.

There are a few civil engineers in recent years who were able to master the civil engineering principles and formulas enough to almost achieve a 100% board exam rating. Of course several factors affect their board exam ratings, like the difficulty, the number of items, and the performance of other board exam takers for those with ratings based on percentile. Nonetheless, those who ace the board exams are either gifted or hardworking – or both – to rise above the rest.

The top photo features Engr. Dindo Esplana from Mapua Institute of Technology, considered as the first person to commit a one mistake in the Civil Engineering Licensure Exam with a rating of 98.5%. Esplana took the board exam in May 2001. He is a product of Padilla Review Center, and now has built his own named after him called Esplana Review Center.

However, he is not the record holder for the highest rating for the civil engineering board exam in the 2000s.

Engr. Maricel Aquino from the University of the Philippines – Los Banos is leading the top topnotcher’s list with a 99.10% rating who took the board exam in November 2008. It is not clear though if she completed the board exam also with one mistake.

Below are other notable civil engineers with the highest board exam ratings (97% and above) in recent history:

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Top photo via Esplana Review Center

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