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LIST: Most Common Board Exam Superstitions in the Philippines

Perhaps that red underwear caught your attention. Not because it is a nice-to-have piece of clothing, but because it reminds you of something that you’ve done when you took your licensure exam as a professional in the Philippines. Or if you are just about to take your board exam, it piqued a curiosity.

As Filipinos, we are superstitious beings. Our forefathers, influenced by the Spanish colonization, have taught us these ridiculous beliefs on various aspects of our lives and yet they are passed on from one generation to another.

In taking the board exam to get our professional license is no exception.

To be honest, I admit to giving in to some of these beliefs with the premise that it won’t cause harm anyway. “Let’s just try,” I said to myself when I braved the Civil Engineering Licensure Exam in May 2015. That is always the lame excuse just to get a free pass in submitting to the superstitions without subjecting to reason.

But let me be clear that listing the most common board exam superstitions in the Philippines is just my way of poking fun on the tradition, no matter how absurd they are. I will be sharing the below superstitions so that future board exam takers, regardless of the course, know how to prepare with the help of spirit gods:

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