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He Used to Work as a Fastfood Crew Member Before Becoming a Civil Engineering Topnotcher

Jobert de la Cruz was just an ordinary civil engineering student. He wasn’t the most studious in his class, even failed some of his subjects, but he lost focus largely because he had financial problems to think about.

Life challenged him even more when their house in Mandaue City in Cebu was burned down by fire and when he needed money for an appendicitis operation months later.

For two years, he stopped going to school and focused on providing for his family as well as save up for his engineering studies. To make ends meet, he pursued working at Jollibee as a fastfood crew member then later enrolled. Jobert juggled work and studies until he was able to graduate.

Given his situation, he thought that it was impossible for him to ace the board exam. That only those with lots of resources and prepared for it since day one will emerge as victors. But he definitely thought wrong.

The results of the May 2019 Civil Engineering Board Exam were released, and appearing in the top 10 as tenth place is Jobert with a rating of 92.15%.

He could not believe it.

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It was an unexpected result for him as he only aimed to pass. He did make an effort, but getting a place was merely a bonus, and it was a bonus well deserved.

Not to mention that his best buddies in the same school passed the exam, too; moreover, a close friend Ronie Tarriga II had aced the exam with a rating of 95.2% to clinch the first place. Squad goals for others: become topnotchers in the same exam.

Much of his success is credited to that day in his 3rd year as an engineering student when he took a leap of faith and decided to turn things around and worked double time in his studies. He already lost two years in college, but he still persevered and believed that it wasn’t too late just yet.

And it wasn’t too late, indeed.

Now, he works as a College Instructor at the University of Cebu where he finished his BSCE.

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