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Engineers Among the Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in the Philippines

In the Philippines, when you are identified as an engineer regardless of which field, the basic assumption is that the work pays a lot. This is the kind of mindset that draws more young people into the field, as well as the parents who convince their kids to get engineering careers, only to be disappointed later on the first payslip.

This was my case when I worked as a site engineer (civil) for a private construction company in 2015. My gross salary then was around PHP 14,000.

However, a publication developed by the Department of Labor and Employment through the Bureau of Local Employment states that Civil Engineers, along with Aeronautical Engineers, Computer Engineers and Industrial Engineers, is among the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines.

Called the Labor Market Trends or LMT, the report was released in March 2019 to “provide timely, relevant, and accurate labor market information” and can be used as a “guide in making informed career- and work-related decisions.”

Find the full report in this link. This is the summarized list below:  

1P 116, 714Aircraft Pilots, Navigators and Flight EngineersBS Aeronautics
BS Aeronautical Engineering
BS Air Transportation
BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology
2P 89, 831Securities and Finance Dealers and BrokersBS Finance
BS Management BS Business Administration
3P 68,957Civil EngineersBS Civil Engineering
4P 60,477ActuariesBS Accountancy BS Mathematics
5P 52,331Computer ProgrammersBS Computer Science
BS Information Technology
6P 51,069System Analysts and DesignersBS Computer Science
BS Information Technology
7P 49,335Computer EngineersBS Computer Engineering
8P 47, 756Accountants and AuditorsBS Accountancy
BS Management Accounting
9P 47,101Production Supervisors and ForemenBS Industrial Engineering
10P 41,480StatisticiansBS Statistics

According to the press release, the data used is based on the 2016 Occupational Wages Survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

What are your thoughts on this?

8 thoughts on “Engineers Among the Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in the Philippines”

  1. Promoting programming again like it’s the only high-paying salary under IT. It’s not. It’s average compared to service delivery leads, managers and project managers.

    Fresh grads – that’s what you want to aspire, to be a people lead. Not a programmer for nobody.

    My 2 cents.

    1. You are comparing two different field and both required two different skill sets.

      There are people who are natural born leaders and there are analytical thinkers which best fit to become software developers.

      Do you think a fresh grad can become managers instantly?

  2. NOT TRUE!!!!. CIVIL ENGINEERS AVERAGE SALARY.. 21-25K (3-5years XP).. 26-30K (5-7years)… hay,, pakirefer anong company ngbibigay salary of 65K??

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