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Filipino Inventor Claims an End to Use of Petroleum, Coal, and Batteries with His Own Version of Tesla Coil

Filipino pride is okay, in fact well celebrated, but it has certain limitations. Like when you claim that you will end the world’s energy crisis with an invention of an ‘electric power generator’ but with no technical proof or documentation whatsoever.

The comments section of below YouTube video created by Agribusiness How It Works is filled with high energy, commending and applauding the featured inventor Elias Delos Santos for his ingenuity.

Translated as “The Forthcoming Death of Petroleum, Coal, and Battery with the New Filipino Invention,” its title screams (quite literally with all the exclamation points) but the core of the invention is quite dubious – especially for electrical engineers who know their thing.

See for yourself and watch the entire feature here:

A certain Reddit user u/Reddi_34 over r/ElectroBOOM has pointed out what it really is and what it is not.

To summarize, the inventor claims that the ‘generator’ gets its power from captured ambient radio waves or frequencies. It is said to work by stepping up the gathered electromagnetic energy then stepping down the output to 220V/60Hz.

Such is displayed by using a Mitsubishi Pajero jacked on a stand, with the car’s engine, transmission, exhaust and fuel system removed. All these components are replaced with a window-type air-conditioning unit.

“The rear differential is supposedly directly mated to a 10hp AC motor. The front AC motor is supposedly for the power steering and brake booster,” the Reddit user said.

As shown in the video, the rear wheel is put to a spin to show that the battery-less system works and that the wheel speed can be regulated through a variable frequency driver.

The engineer claims further that it is powered by a “Tesla coil” of their own version, and that theirs do not need electricity because it is the one providing the power. Well, that is new.

Screenshots via Agribusiness How It Works

The transmitter coil supposedly acts as the main energy gathering device and transmits it to the receiver coil. All of this happens within a lead-line compartment to prevent arcing, they said.

It was also mentioned that the project started in 2016, spending a total of P 62 million to date. Its team of engineers managed, as they told, to have their invention demonstrated in front of the Department of Energy and the National Electrification Administration.

Various iterations of the system are seen in the video which means to say that the project was subject to a lot of experimentation. Their industrial grade model featured panels, switches, and what looks like a WiFi antenna.

To cement the Pinoy pride, the exterior is placed with a Philippine flag sticker.

Delos Santos convinces its viewers in the second and third video below from the same channel that much of his appliances at home including AC units, refrigerators, and washing machine are connected to the generator, but the entire house is still wired to the main power lines.

A patent is being applied for this system as of the third video to legitimize the invention.

The 80-year-old inventor explains that they’re using a magnetron as one of the modes of generating power. “a magnetron as one of the modes of generating power. Apparently, their system can switch between RF energy and magnetron power or even both to power the generator,” said u/Reddi_34.

Checking the comments in the third video, a certain Edwin Ponsica pointed out that the unit should undergo load test.

“The two motors should drive pumps 100W lower than the motor,” he said. “The next item is to provide an ammeter to see the load characteristic of each motor driving the pump, and must also provide cycle reading, in 60 hertz and a volt meter. All those monitors will visually give the load characteristics.”

Another YouTube user Jonathan Factor commented, “Battery + Generator + Step Up Transformer = Amplified Energy. The CAPTION NO BATTERY IS INCORRECT!! There is always a Prime Mover. In this case, the inventor has reduced to the maximum level of friction the generator has, enabling a self-sustaining perpetual power generator.

“When he reduced the friction loss the generator can efficiently work by its on with an external source of power. I believe that Carnot Law cannot be broken for this kind of invention. It is only possible for multi-stage power amplification.”

Again, Filipino pride is okay. We are going to celebrate when it deserves it.

But this one isn’t it.

What do you think about this?

Screenshots via Agribusiness How It Works

37 thoughts on “Filipino Inventor Claims an End to Use of Petroleum, Coal, and Batteries with His Own Version of Tesla Coil”

  1. Suppprt this invention,calling all business owners, funders,civic organization,environmentalist,lovers of nature,GOOD govt.Officials who truly cares for people.

    1. Sa lahat ng nagmamagaling sana maniwala na lang kayu dahil kapag pinagsamasama natin ating kaisipan magtatagumpay sya. Tulungan natin sya.

    2. Iba talaga ang galing ng pinoy, sana masuportahan ng goverment natin.. Pagiiponan ko yan at bibili talaga ako nyan.. Napaka laking tulong.. Mabuhay ang mga pinoy inventor..

  2. I am just a layman and knows nothing about electricity. This what I can say: when that gadget spins the wheel of the Pajero better believe it even if your scientific-electrical cannot explain. Let us support rather talk of the impossibilities for the gadget speaks for itself.

    1. Felixberto de la Peña

      Filipino inventions must be supported by the gov’t. Flourescent lamp or what we call daylight was invented by a filipino named Flores. The gov’t did not support him. As far as I know it was taken by another country. Which one? I don’t know. Maybe by General Electric. The flourescent tube is being used all over the world. The company where i worked here in Australia uses a thousand of it.

  3. Let’s give the inventor all the encouragement and support we can share. His nationalism is admirable worthy of emulation. If you spotted something to be improved or refined with his invention, be it known to him . Better still show him how to do it. The government should come in by providing the needed funds to come out with the final version ready for mass production. I agree with the inventor that if ever his invention wcorks and financially viable, it should be manufactured here in the country to be distributed worldwide.

  4. I sir hihintayin ko yan na mai market na
    Ako karaniwang tao kung mag iinvest ako na gagasto parin.why not this brilliant invention na life time na hindi na maglalabas nang pero para electric bill.
    Maraming salamat po sa inyo hihintayin ko na maimaket nayan
    Sana sa ating government huwag ninyo pahirapan sa mga permit saling atin po yan .supprt our inventor.

  5. This invention is very timely, because fossil fuel soirces has a limit and at the same time have a bad effect to environment. This invention is in line with the renewable sources of energy. Thank to the inventors for this very valuable inventions. More power to you mga Sir.

  6. Para sa akin gimmick lang yan at posibleng scam. Ang dami nang naglabasang ganyang imbension sa ibat ibang parte ng mundo. Hindi po totoo yan, wag kayong maniwala.

  7. Wow! Ang talino tlaga ng mga pinoy! 😎 Si tatang din di hadlang ang edad nya para maka tulong sa ating mga pilipino. Tsaka, magkano kaya ang isang piraso nyan kung ipag bibili??

  8. Dapat sa ganitong mga nakakabilib na invention pasok sana agad ang gobiyerno para masafeguard ang interes ng imbentor at ang buong Pilipinas. Ito ang magbabalik sa Pilipinas sa radar, makikilala nila ang ating bansa dahil dito. Sana huwag ilabas sa mga kung sino sino lang baka manakaw (Technical piracy)sa tingin ko nakaabang ang mga ibang bansa at siguradong pagaagawan nila ito. Sana para sa Pilipino lang ito. Ingatan ang tebhnical spec. safeguard it with your life. Ingatan po natin ito,.

  9. how will i order that electrical power supply for multi porpose use.. for my home use only ?..i think i need around 5000 to 6000 watts for my home ..coz i have 3 aircon 2 refrigirators 2 rice cooker 1 electric stove.. 2 flat iron ang 5 electric the lights ..

  10. Zenaida B. Delos Santos

    Proud of you & your invention Kuya Ely( older brother of my late husband Aser)… God bless the works of your hands♥️🙏

  11. The invention is superb, I do hope the gov’t. Let the invention get through to specification. No hard time please. One question as I notice, two motors have no load, how about when there are loads? I do hope the invented machine won’t bog down.

    RF POWER CAN BE HARVESTED, BUT THE POWER IS SO SMALL, IN MILLIWATT RANGE. You need external power to amplify it. Your TV and radio receivers will not function without power supply. If you use a battery or supercapacitor to store rf energy, then when you connect the load to your generator, the rate of energy drawn is very much faster than the rate of replenishing it by rf energy. You have to wait for many hours before your battery or super capacitor can be fully charged again by rf energy. So run and charge, but the interval is too long between using the generator and charging it again with rf energy. This can be shown with simple engineering calculations: volt-ampere hour, energy of capacitor = 0.5 x C x V^2. Pr=Pt/4pixr^2. Where Pt is the effective isotropic radiated power of radio station in Watts, Pr is the received power in Watts with no antenna gain, r is the distance from the station in meters. Assuming, 100% efficiency of the generator, the power output in Watts for 3 phase load is = square root of 3 x (V x I)., where V is line to line voltage and I is the line current. V can be measured by AC voltmeter between any two lines, so long as the 3 phase lines are balanced. The current can be measured by clamp ammeter in any of the line. Now, to run the load, the power requirement of the load should match with the output power of the generator. Thanks…Engr. PR- EE/ECE/MSEE California State University, USA.

  13. Calling the government. Please support Mang Elias “REDEEMER”. Give Him the support he need. Funds, marketing, manufacturing plant (possible in military facilities to further test its capabilities on our military hardwares and its protection). To Dept. of Energy. To Dept. Of Transportation for our EV modernization eg. buses, jeepneys and TRAINS. It should first benefit by Pilipinos and follow the World.

  14. How can I invest for future cell
    I am also Pinoy I’m am base here in Canada 🇨🇦
    I’m interested to invest all what I have in all. to discover this project

  15. I was in the elementary or high school days in the 70s when another Filipino claimed to have invented cheap fuel that can replace Car fuels or car running on water. In fact was even featured in the Panorama Sunday Magazine (a Martial Law days’ Sunday publication). That Filipino family was said to be living in affluent in the Middle East provided by the Arabs in order to silent them. Almost 50 years ago, what happened now? Was it fake news?

  16. I remember that the dream of the wright brothers to fly was considered as impossible – they were seen as insane people but look at us now, we are now talking about living in Mars. Sometimes the impossible can be a possibility, science up till now cannot explain everything that is happening. Let us support whatever inventions there are that would make our lives better. Fake or not, we will not find out if we do not try it.

  17. Napakaraming Pilipino ang mangmang pag dating sa larangan ng Agham at Teknolohiya. Nakakalungkot bayad kong mahal, sinayang ninyo ang sakripisyo ng mga namayapa nating mga bayani.

  18. Meron po akong funder na pueding makatulong sainyong Technogy Engr.Elias at kaya pong improvise ang inyong Pangangailangan at kaya kayong suportahan.

    1. Maniniwala lang naman sila kapag ang nakinabang ay ang ibang bansa. Marami ng invention ang mga pinoy na nakinabang ang taga ibang bansa dahil hindi sila naniwala sa umpisa ganyan ang pinoy. Kaya ibinta nyu na sa ibang bansa yan para maniwala sila at tangkilikan yan at bibili na sila dahil mahal na yan. Hahaha what a pinoy Crab.

  19. I’m very interested in investing and getting one for my father in law and his farm here in PH.
    Can you reply back on the info to where I can speak with Sir Elias.

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