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Why Build or Dream About a Wooden House?

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In the 1900s, wooden houses are the norm. From its structural elements to its interior, such houses have served their purpose and provided comfort to most Filipinos, even until today. Despite the emergence of concrete in house construction and steel or plastics in interior design, there are still several reasons to go back to the basics: wood.

Wood is light and easy to work with, inexpensive, and readily available. In terms of its insulation, it has low thermal conductivity which means it retains heat, thus making the house more energy efficient. Moreover, there are studies that suggest having a wooden home promotes better indoor air quality with fewer toxic emissions versus other construction materials.

Not to mention its aesthetic value especially if you pair the wooden structural elements with an interior like wooden dining set, wooden walls, wooden door, and other wooden accessories. This has a different impact when you live in a city, a concrete jungle and yours is wooden.

How and what can you get to achieve that beautiful wooden home! AllHome allows you to shop online to get the abovementioned items! Check them out here:

Wooden Wall

Nothing gets that wooden vibe than having most of your walls with then wooden texture or color! Tiles and wallpaper are available over here for you to check out.

Wooden Door

Your house’s entrance should give a hint to visitors about what’s inside: wood. Installing a wooden door is the most common anyway, so choose from these selection at AllHome’s website!

Wooden Dining Set

This is where everyone gathers to eat. Having a wooden dining set completes the accent of the dining area of a wooden home. You can get deals below P 20,000 for a wooden dining set over here.

What can you add to this list to complete your beautiful wooden home?

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