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Project Delta: A Journal Designed for Engineering Students

Regular notebooks or journals are pretty boring, especially for the struggling engineering students. They normally just serve one purpose: for notetaking. But what if there is a journal slash notebook that serves not only to take notes, but to guide you and keep you on track?

That is the essence of Project Delta, which is about a journal-notebook aptly called the Delta Notebook. Created in partnership with Project Padayon, it is designed for engineering students to keep you inspired, motivated, productive, and ultimately, to adapt to the only thing that is constant – change.

I decided to call this Delta since the term, as used in engineering, refers to change or difference in two values. Delta is also the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, which happens to be the first letter of the birth name of Engineer Dee.

The Delta Notebook is currently available for pre-order via the Google Forms link here with an introductory price of PHP 279.00. Regular price for Delta Notebook is PHP 299.00.

Limited slots only for the first batch, and those who will not be accommodated will be advised on the next shipment.

So what are the contents of the Delta notebook? See them below:

Click here to PRE-ORDER the Delta Notebook now!

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