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FREE ACCESS: Civil Engineering Study and Review Materials

If you are a civil engineering student looking for study and review materials related to your course, you have come to the right place.

There are various CE study and review materials online that can be downloaded but it can be really exhausting to navigate through all of them. Thanks to Engr Lester Sonza, one of the admins of a growing Facebook group called CEBEP, he organized free-to-download files that he consolidated from the Internet as well as generous book authors and placed them one folder.  

CEBEP, or Civil Engineering Board Exam Problems (Philippines), has nearly 130,000 members to date composed of civil engineering students as well as registered civil engineers who once maximized online learning through the group. Various representatives of CE review centers are admins of the group which facilitate the answering of problems, ranging from difficult to easy across subjects in Mathematics, Surveying, and Transportation Engineering; Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering; and Structural Engineering and Construction. All are included in the CE board exam.

How to Join CEBEP?

To gain access on the discussions on CEBEP, which is a private group, you only need to have a Facebook profile with sufficient and credible information to be able to be approved of entry. All posts require approval of the admins.

Rules Before Downloading

Don’t want to join the group but keen to download CE study and review materials?  Some rules first:

  1. The files are all free to download so no selling of the materials will be allowed.
  2. Share to your friends and let’s all keep learning!

So What’s Inside the Folder?  

Most of the materials found in the compilation are practice problems with answers for your checking, some with the complete solutions/computations. There are also printable formulas that can serve as guide for board exam reviewees, Excel sheets that can be used to do estimates, and even a fx-991ES PLUS Emulator.

Moreover, Engr Ben David has made his Green Book publicly available as well, a perfect reference for those who want to become a civil engineer like him. He is now an accomplished civil engineer based in Australia.

To view the full collection of the CE study and review materials, please click the Google Drive link below

FREE ACCESS: Civil Engineering Study and Review Materials

You’re welcome!

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