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Engineer Dee’s November 2021 CE Board Exam Support Huddle

UPDATE: Engineer Dee is offering a discounted rate of P 299 pesos but without the reimbursement as included below in the original offer. Other inclusions are the same, including access to podcast. Hire Engineer Dee as your accountability buddy now! Offer is valid until November 7 only.

The November 2021 Civil Engineering Board Exam is fast approaching and it might just push through based on the recent trends of other successfully held engineering board exams. At this point, all of us are in the position to believe that nothing can stop the PRC from holding the CE Board on November 14 to 15. This is really it — check out the official guide as shared by the commission here.

With this, I am holding a paid support group that will help future civil engineers to succeed in their CE Board which I call CE BESH (Civil Engineering Board Exam Support Huddle). Engineer Dee will serve as your accountability buddy leading to the board exam starting 15 DTG (15 Days to Go). I will guide you to achieve that passing mark.

The program, which is available for 40 slots only at P 499 each, is composed of the following:

  • Two sets of practice problems for the CE board exams (with no answers)
  • Daily exclusive Spotify podcast (2 to 5 minutes) as doses of reminders, mostly inspirational, contemplative, and encouraging content
  • Cash reimbursement of P 200 via GCash / BPI / Prepaid Load if you successfully pass the board exam
  • Chat support via Viber / Telegram for any special concerns before the board exam

My personal goal for this is to have 40 out of 40 success rate, meaning you are my responsibility — I want you to pass and allow me to help you this way.

To proceed, please fill out this Google Form here to enter your details and the payment confirmation.

Everything will be explained via an orientation through Zoom of what will happen on 15DTG (15 Days to Go), which is on October 30, 2021 (Saturday) at 9pm. Please check your registered e-mail regularly for the instructions and updates. We will also have a Facebook Group dedicated for all of you, future civil engineers.

Let Engineer Dee help you pass the board exam. Join Engineer Dee’s November 2021 CE BESH now! We are all in this together!

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