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Basic Tools for Residential Construction

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Tools are being used since the prehistoric times to build homes and we continue to do so until today. But with the advances of technology, we are able to refine these tools specific to what needs to be done.  Various tools, often handheld, are available for use particularly in residential construction.

What tools are these? Here are some below, which can be bought online via AllHome’s online store here:

Measuring Tape

To measure dimensions accurately, a measuring tape is needed. This is one of the most basic tools there is so this must be one of your first buys if you plan to do some home renovation. You can get one here.


Nails are practically useless without hammers. Hammers are devices that drive in nails or break things, normally heavy with a weighted head and long handle. AllHome keeps stock of this available for online shopping.

Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are designed to drill circular holes in a material, to insert screws and similar fasteners to keep items intact. They can be used in replacement for screwdrivers. As the name suggests, it doesn’t have cord – being cordless.

Cantilever Tool Box

For someone who has so many construction tools, you cannot afford to lose them. This is the primary function of a cantilever tool box, which is to store even the most heavy duty tools. This can be carried with a handle which can be easily opened. Different brands are available here.

Spirit Level

Also called as bubble level or just ‘level’, a spirit level is an instrument basically for alignment – horizontally or vertically. It is used to indicate how parallel (level) or perpendicular (plumb) a surface or item is relative to the earth. It takes the shape of a ruler. Get one here for your wall fixtures to check if they are straight.

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