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What is “The Δ Project” and Who is Behind It?

Engineer Dee

Hello there!

The Δ Project, which symbol is read as Delta is the official website of Engr. Dion Greg “Dee” Reyes. I am a solar business professional by practice with background as a registered civil engineer and a digital content editor.

I created this website in May 2020 to fill the website link, also to serve as an extension of my growing Facebook Page called Engineer Dee, now with more than 100,000 organic followers. The page started as a side project that I created in December 2016 as a dumpsite of all the rejected content in my work as a digital content editor, albeit with no clear direction of the page at first. Eventually, even after leaving that job, I continued running the page in my spare time and grew to where it is today.

My mission in building these platforms is to inform, inspire, and entertain engineers, particularly but not limited to those in the Philippines. This website contains my professional profile as well for reference of recruiters.

To know more about why this website is called The Δ Project, this is explained in this article. For any comments, suggestions, or feedback, kindly use this link to connect.

Welcome to EngineerDee.com!