Announcement of Winners: “Outsmart the Board Exam” Giveaway

After much deliberation, it’s time to announce the winners of my giveaway! This is for the Outsmart the Board Exam book by Engr Rucel Virata.

Originally, I announced to send out one copy of the book, which is currently my personal copy. As I was going through the entries, I thought there was a need for most of those who joined to read the book and  decided to purchase two more for that purpose. I purchased directly from Engr Virata, and with his generosity he  donated one more of the same book when he knew of my intention of the giveaway. That leaves me with 4 books in total to be shared to the lucky winners!

But I realized that instead of keeping it to four people only, I will have the 4 books pass on to my shortlisted winners.

The concept is Pay It Forward – once one winner is done with the book (with a target timeline of two to four weeks), he or she has to give it to another winner (the transfer fees are to be covered by Engineer Dee, but I wouldn’t mind some support from the winners as well).

Without much ado, here are the names of those who will have their turns reading Outsmart the Board Exam by Engr Rucel Virata:

  1. Andrei Montalban
  2. Aivi Cueto
  3. Carl Mallon Dorado
  4. Xenon Chloe Gaden
  5. Rain Leyva
  6. Joise Bondad
  7. Reynald Dion
  8. Flor Denisee Villamangca
  9. Kayla Maliwat
  10. JB Cabalbag
  11. Cyril Neil Barrozo
  12. Joshua Shem Barachina
  13. Ed Vincent Pablo
  14. Mark Vincent Layug
  15. Michelle Ann Gravina
  16. Nerissa Santos
  17. Saira Mari Bernal
  18. Elijah Adaza
  19. Alyssa Cruz Quiambao
  20. Jaymuela Joy Zaulda
  21. Rhealyn Manalo
  22. Epefanio Suringa Jr
  23. Diane Dayanan
  24. Mary Ladyniel Apalisok
  25. Pauline Marie Reyes

If your name is in the list above, you should have received a congratulatory email by now with information on how to proceed.

Thank you for joining and see you in my next giveaway! If you want to purchase a copy of the book, check this link here.

Top photo from Pass the Board Exam site

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