Why “The Δ Project”?

To say that arriving to the title of this blog was difficult is an understatement. Several names came to mind and I listed them all down – I am a firm believer that the best way to have a great idea is to have plenty of ideas.

But there was something about the word “Delta” that resonates well about me and my undertakings, and thus, the “The Δ Project” was born.

In the Greek alphabet, Delta represents the consonant D, the fourth letter. If it isn’t so obvious yet, my initial is “D” from my birth name Dion, expanded to “Dee” as my nickname.  

Delta, as a symbol, represents difference in certain quantity commonly shown as a triangle. This was used in my math subjects a lot when I was in engineering school, often meaning to say change. So when we say delta y, it means the change in y or how much y changes.

Moreover, Delta speaks about a topic I studied in an online data science course as introduced by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) through coursebank.ph. In the first course, the so-called DELTA+ Model was mentioned to be an abbreviation which sets about the seven elements that organizations need to succeed in their Analytics initiatives.

The triangle (Δ) that represents delta has some meaning to me as well. After all, it is the most stable shape, and stability is a quality that I always aspire to have.

Thank you for visiting The Δ Project. Happy reading!  

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