What Does It Mean To Have an Engineering License?

Disclaimer: This is rehashed from an article I wrote in July 2016 for GineersNow. Some parts are added or edited for clarity.

In most parts of the world, there are engineering examinations conducted by government bodies to set national standards and competencies. For graduates of many engineering fields, it requires passing such exams to be rightfully called engineers, and have the benefit of tagging the word “engineer” in one’s name. Only then that one can be called a professional engineer or licensed engineer that goes with a lot of pride and honor.

But what does it really mean to have an engineering license?

  1. Becoming a licensed engineer shows an assurance of dedication, skill and quality of an engineer. Proven to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to practice, the engineer with his license can say that he or she is of a certain caliber, and that he or she has already mastered critical elements of the profession.
  2. Only licensed or professional engineers can prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering plans and drawings for approval, or to seal engineering work for public and private clients. This is a privilege enjoyed by those who struggled for the licensure exams.
  3. Most companies already require a license as a requirement. When one works for a company and somehow messes up terribly on a specific project, worse to the extent of harming the public, the company, as well as the regulating body for licensed processionals, can strip the engineer’s right to practice. Having a license promotes accountability.
  4. The society has high regard for licensed engineers, much like certified public accountants, lawyers, and medical doctors. There is so much prestige that comes with being a graduate of engineering alone, much more getting a license.  
  5. Perhaps other engineering graduates are taking the licensure exams for the money, which is understandable because licensed engineers indeed get a higher pay versus those who choose to skip the exam.

10 thoughts on “What Does It Mean To Have an Engineering License?”

  1. Jeremiah Dollente

    Kaso Idol parang yung pagkuha ng professional license eh mahirap makuha… ang baba magpasweldo sa pinas ng engineering…. kahit sa IT ganun na rin saka mapolitics sa work…

    Saka I think kahit pwede ka na pumirma ng plano mahirap pa rin humanap ng opportunity na mga plano na pwede mong pirmahan

    1. Yup, totoo ‘yan. Especially now din na dumadami na ang engineers sa Pilipinas, tumataas din ang competition sa industry. Pero ang baba pa din talaga ng sahod, but if you are in the business side I think may pera don.

      1. Kahit may lisensya ka na at napaso, pahihirapan ka pa at pagagastusin ka ng malaki para makapagrenew ng lisensya gayung hindi naman lahat ng engineer ay pinalad na kumita ng malaki. Yung iba naman ay no longer practicing dahil senior citizen na pero gusto lamang na marenew ang license, aanhin pa nya ang mga seminar at training bilang requirement para mabigyan ng bagong license card?

  2. Mark King Andrada

    Thank you Engr! Can I ask? How will a newly licensed engineer prepare for his/her career? What are the do’s and dont’s? What are the exciting journeys to prepare of?

    1. Hi Mark! I think the best way to prepare is to define first your goals. What can you do with that degree? What do you want to specialize in? Because if you do not have defined goals, you will find yourself lost along the way. There is no clear direction, and that is how mid-20s crisis begin.

    1. Hi Nick! Some countries require further certification or licensure exam to comply with their own standards, but meron naman na sapat na ‘yung license dito sa Pilipinas.

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