Three Engineers and a Math Teacher Build a House for Their Hardworking Parents

Those who have struggled to make ends meet have a lot more to celebrate when they finally get the fruits of their labor. Especially when they see the product of their hardwork, determination, and perseverance in full form, one can’t help but be proud of themselves for making it far.

That is exactly what these siblings, composed of 3 engineers and a math teacher, felt when they were able to build a two-storey house for their parents who did not have stable income when they were growing up. Such achievement was shared anonymously via financial literacy Facebook page PESO SENSE, which post in February 2020 has since been viral.

Shared in Tagalog, one of the sibling’s submissions expectedly melted everyone’s hearts revealing that their family had to go through a lot prior to where they are now. It said that their parents struggled to find money for their studies so they had to find ways in finishing their respective degrees by applying to scholarships. Their father was a tricycle driver who relied on a boundary system because he did not own a tricycle, and their mother was a dressmaker who worked wholesale. Both are dignified work that was able to make them survive.

Now all of the siblings, although still unnamed, are working professionals, able to secure their finances. Their parents did not have to work as hard.

The eldest, the one who submitted the post, is an electrical engineer. He is followed by a civil engineer, then a math teacher, and the youngest a mechanical engineer. All of them passed their respective licensure examinations in one take.

In the same post they shared a photo (above) of what seems to be a celebration, probably in Christmas or New Year, all of them beaming with happiness in front of a table full of food. But I mean, who wouldn’t? Their status is well-deserved, a reward for all their sacrifices.

Below is the post in full:

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