Project Tau: Promoting Financial Literacy for Filipinos

By now, it is no longer a secret that I am registered as an insurance agent by the Insurance Commission under AIA Philam Life, one of the leading insurance companies in the Philippines.

When I started my training in December 2020, I was still employed by a multinational company with office in Makati. Later in April 2021, I went fulltime as an insurance agent when I resigned as a technical sales engineer.

I was coded in January 2021 when I aced my OL exam. Shortly after in February, I passed the VUL exam. Ever since, every month I am able to close accounts tagging me as one of my team’s consistent monthly producers.

In a separate article, I shared why I became an insurance agent or what others call as financial advisor (FA). To dignify this title, I am constantly learning more about personal finance. Upon onboarding as an insurance agent, I have committed myself to advocate for the financial literacy of Filipinos especially among people my age. Part of my advocacy, which has an impact in my work, is to make people realize the importance of getting insured and having their insurance policy with me as their advisor.

That is the gist of Project Tau: to echo what I know about personal finance and for people to be more knowledgeable about how to handle their money. This is also one way for me to funnel leads to be converted into my clients.

Currently, I have a Facebook page and an Instagram account by the same name. Its contents are mostly about insurance, products, and finances, but it is in my planned content library to include things about adulting or becoming an adult.

The Facebook page has 1,686 followers to date
10 followers and a long way to go!

I have named this project as such since this most fits my advocacy in the Greek alphabet: Tau was used in ancient times to mean life or resurrection, hence Project Tau.

My goal as an advisor is to insure at least 1,000 lives in my career under the associate agency Dream Conquerors (De Castro Unit) of AIA Philam Life.

With the help of Project Tau, I hope I will achieve such goal.

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