Project Sigma: Choosing the Right Capstone Project Topic for Engineering Students

During my time, it is called Project Study. Now, it’s been renamed to Capstone Project, but essentially it is one and the same.

I am referring to the thesis requirement before engineering students in the Philippines are able to graduate and get their diplomas. Every engineering curriculum requires a project study, or capstone project, as a culmination of everything learned in the last 3 or 4 years of studies. It is a stepping stone towards the target industry or field once the degree is completed or the PRC license is obtained, hence it is an important stage to experience. Such could define the future careers of engineering students.

Personally, I, together with 2 others, struggled in choosing our team’s project study topic. We explored three topics first before arriving to our final one, which is a proposed integrated public land transport terminal in Guimaras. To date, as far as I know, it has not been built, but the process of finishing the study tested our limits and honed our skills as future civil engineers at the time.

Coming from this experience and upon asking around engineering students, the same issue persists: choosing the right capstone project topic or title can be difficult for some.

With this, Project Sigma is born.

In partnership with University of the East – Association of Civil Engineering Students, PICE – National University Student Chapter, and PICE – Central Philippine University Student Chapter, Project Sigma is a 2-day paid webinar and workshop designed for engineering students to generate, develop, and choose their capstone projects topics. It will include interactive sessions with a main goal to have at least 3 capstone projects topic at the end of Day 2, which are to be submitted as an academic requirement.

It is so called as the symbol Sigma is often used in math and physics subjects to mean summation or a total of. In this matter, we could regard the capstone project as the summation of everything learned in engineering so far, putting to practice all the formulas and principles in real-life applications.

This is the first paid webinar-workshop of Engineer Dee for engineering students. Pre-registration rate is PHP 199.00 which can be availed until July 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM only, and the regular rate of PHP 299.00 will take effect on July 25, 2021 until August 3, 2021. Special rate for partners of PHP 149.00 (for students of NU, UE-Caloocan, & CPU only) can be availed along with the pre-registration period (until July 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM).

Only 300 participants will be admitted, split into 3 batches: Morning (9AM); Afternoon (2PM); and Evening (8PM). Slots are on a first come, first served basis only. DAY 1 for all batches will be on July 31 (Saturday), while DAY 2 will be on August 4 (Wednesday).

Registration is now open!
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More info can be found in this card below:

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  1. Will there be a certificate of completion after attending the 2-Day webinar?

    1. Hi! Yes, certificates will be provided.

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