Project Beta: For the Future Engineers

By now, my different projects as Engineer Dee named after the letters in the Greek alphabet should not be new: this website where I post articles I call Project Delta, and a Facebook group for engineers and engineering students I created I refer to as the Project Pi. I have recently added a new one to this list: Project Beta.

Essentially, Project Beta is a book relay intended for those who are preparing for their immediate licensure exams, particularly those who have engineering degrees. It is an initiative that I developed when I held an online giveaway for the book of Engr Rucel Virata entitled “Outsmart the Board Exam”.

This project is fairly simple: I have 4 copies of the said book (one is a personal copy, two are bought, and one is donated by the author himself) and these copies will be passed on within the pool of my chosen giveaways winners, more than 20 of them.

At a time, there will be four engineer aspirants who will be able to read and claim ownership of Outsmart. The target is to finish the book within two to four weeks per owner. Once done, the book will be forwarded to another person in the pool, which shipment/transfer fee will be covered in part or whole by Engineer Dee.

It is with Engr Virata’s permission and support to share his book to many, at least without violating the copyright law. He said through chat, verbatim, “Ideas are powerful. Great ideas can change lives,” giving me a go signal to proceed with this project.

Sharing the same belief – that ideas are powerful and life-changing – and with whatever little I earn from my full-time job, I have committed to this project until everyone in the pool will become engineers. Probably I will extend this project when I have the capacity.

With this, I am asking everyone’s support.

I have started an online shop of engineering merchandise, mostly t-shirts, in partnership with, a local business in the Philippines. Part of my earnings in this shop will be used to fund the shipment/transfer fees in this project. Find my shop here:

Donations are also welcome as well as sponsorships for this project. Just send me an e-mail for further details via Thanks in advance!

Top photo by Engr Rucel Virata

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