Your Ultimate Guide to Board Exam Success

Its title already speaks for itself.

Outsmart The Board Exam by Engr Rucel B. Virata is a masterpiece that I wished I had before I took the Civil Engineering Board Exam way back in May 2015. The book was developed mainly for engineering graduates who are about to or already undergo review, but not limited to as it presents several applications in daily life fit for young professionals like me.

Not everything about the course is taught in college, and there will always be lessons not covered that will show up in the board exam. But in most parts, what is often left out to discover by the students themselves that is also an integral part of success is the principles of learning and the dynamics of preparing for that big test. Engr. Virata is able to fill that gap with this book.

This book studies carefully how to make use effectively of that time between one’s graduation and the board exam to achieve success. Plenty of ideas are presented to teach aspiring licensed professionals a mindset about achieving success.

Ultimately, Engr. Virata is the prime example of his work. He was the tenth placer in the November 2009 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam, a living testament that it is possible to outsmart the board exam.

Mirror the same success by getting a copy of his book! All purchasing details can be found on this website or Facebook page.

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