Miners Can Work From Home, Too

The COVID-19 outbreak has prompted various industries to explore the work-from-home setup as part of the new normal. Businesses have turned to processes and practices limiting face to face interactions while there is still a pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.

For people whose work can be telecommuted, the biggest adjustment is on how to adapt to the work-from-home lifestyle. But for others whose jobs require them to be physically present, how do they make the transition?

In China, where the virus is said to have originated, they use 5G technology.

Miners working for China Molybdenum Co., Ltd capitalized on 5G networks to control remotely the vehicles which are on site in the Sandaozhuang mine in the Luanchuan Country, Henan province. It is the company’s latest application of the 5G technology which has maximized production since 2019.

According to the report by CCTV, 5G technology enables workers to handle equipment at the mine with precision, thanks to the high speed and low latency connectivity. This means that machine operators can see their activities real-time despite the delicate work, and that the site is filled with machineries with empty driver seats.

Huawei, Sany’s Large Excavator Research Institute, and Henan Yuexin Intelligent Machinery are among the organizations behind this feat or allowing blue-collar workers to work from home.

All photos from CCTV

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