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May 2022 Civil Engineering Board Exam Support Huddle [CE BESH]

The Civil Engineering Board Exam Support Huddle is back! This time, for the takers of May 2022 board exam.

What’s good about this new edition is that it will be longer, more extensive, and more comprehensive than the last. This is the second edition of the unique CE BESH Program.

In the last edition, which  is designed for the November 2021, there were only 12 registrants due to short notice. We only had approximately three weeks to prepare for the exam, hence the results were not as high registering a 42% passing rate in the first batch (5 out of 12).

But for this second batch, Engineer Dee is looking forward for a 100% passing rate.

My ultimate goal here is for you to pass the board exam.

So what is in store for you?

I would like to reiterate that the CE BESH is not a replacement for your review center but instead, this is a supplement. This program is not for intensive subject review, but I will introduce a structure that will make you get motivated, inspired, and encourage in the entire period leading to the board exam. I will support and guide you in your board exam journey and will serve as your accountability buddy.

There will be two types of CE BESH registration: standard and premium. If you subscribe with the Standard membership, you will only have limited perks since it requires no fees – you only have to be a member of the official Facebook group. But if you go for Premium membership that comes with a small registration fee, you will enjoy all of the benefits; plus you have the privilege to be awarded with cash if you belong to the Top 3 passers in the batch (with at least 85% passing rate) or if you place in the Top 10 in the actual exam.

Registration will formally start on January 15, 2022. For Premium members, you may register here.

Those will complete the registration process early or until January 31, 2022 is eligible for the Early Bird promo. Regular rates apply in February 2022 wherein the program will also start already, with February 1 as the orientation day.

The calendar of activities will be discussed during the orientation which is a Facebook live event in the Official Facebook Group here.  

More details can be found in this poster below.

Looking forward that this edition of CE BESH will help you pass the May 2022 board exam. Congratulations in advance, engineer!


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