May 2017 CE Board Top 1’s Inspirational Graduation Speech

When you see all of Hisham Sacar’s placements in various quiz bees as a civil engineering student, one would most likely think that he is quite trained, if not born, to do math.

This is that long list of achievements in chronological order:

Champion, 2016 National CE Wizard Quiz-Clash of CE
Champion, 35th PICE National Engineering Quiz Show
Champion, 2016 PICE Regional Engineering Quiz Show
1st Runner-up, 2016 UP ACES National CE Quiz
Champion, 2016 PaCEkatan

2nd Runner-up, 2016 JPICE-LNM Students’ Quiz Show
1st Runner-up, 2016 MSP Annual Search for Math Wizard
2nd Runner-up, 2015 Intercollegiate AggregatES Quiz
Champion, 2015 MTAP-Math Count Challenge
1st Runner-up, 2015 Search For Outstanding MATHlete
Champion, 2015 Astrophysics Quiz Bee
1st Runner-up, 2015 UP ACES National CE Quiz
Champion, 2015 National CE Wizard Quiz-Clash of CE
2nd Runner-up, 2014 PUP Mathmax

Champion, 2014 UPCES-AutoMATHic
2nd Runner-up, 2013 MSP Annual Search for Math Wizard

A math genius, indeed.

Knowing his background, it was not surprising at all that he was able to get the top spot in the May 2017 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination with a rating of 94.60%.

But prior to this feat, he led his batch graduation in Far Eastern University – Institute of Technology on February 2017 by finishing as Cum Laude as well as the Class Valedictorian.

Below is his valedictory address in full for your daily dose of inspiration:

To the FEU President, Dr. Michael M. Alba; our guest speaker, Mr. Johnny C. Sy; our Executive Director, Mr. Benson T. Tan; to our Senior Directors – Dr. May Rose C. Imperial, Engr. Remelita Avenido, and Ms. Rosana T. Adao; our college registrar – Dr. Remella A. Cabreros; directors, dearest parents and guardians, professors, my fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant afternoon!

It is not only joy that fills our hearts in this enchanting moment; but also fear. Joy, for we are now about to harvest all the sweat and tears that we have patiently planted for more than four years in this institution. And fear, because we are about to face the responsibilities being professionals in this country. The knowledge we have obtained from this institution will now be applied to the industry. We will now be able to serve our motherland by being responsible in our chosen career path.

Allow me to share this old cliché: “The road to success is not straight. There is a curb called failure and a loop called confusion”. During my stay here in FEU-Tech, I can say that I, too, have taken this road before standing here in front of you this afternoon. The pressure to meet expectations- there were times when I wanted to give up everything but because of those people who keep on supporting me, I managed to survive the pressure. I was a quizzer, a scholar, and a civil engineering student. As a quizzer, I won many competitions. And to be honest, I have actually failed many times too before winning. My first year was all about losing and learning. Losing gives us the idea that we have to learn and grow — and be better than who we were yesterday. Because of the people behind this milestone, I did not give up.

I came from a family who barely support my financial needs. I have thirteen siblings, so I forced myself to excel and keep good grades. As civil engineering students, our professors expected us to be able to master “the art of playing with pressure.” The greatest pressure I have encountered during my college life was maintaining a scholarship. Maintaining my scholarship and joining academic competitions at the same time were somehow similar to swirling a cup of hot coffee while keeping it still hot for the longest time. There was an instance when I almost failed a subject and almost lost my scholarship. I struggled in this subject because I have to stay up until 3 to 4 o’clock in the morning to study for the upcoming competitions and be in school before 9 in the morning. I told my professor the reason why I was often late. Maybe she was really upset about my attitude towards her subject and gave me that grade. Fortunately, FEU-Tech gave me the opportunity to continue my scholarship and finish my study here.

College life is learning how to enjoy difficulties. Instead of seeing it as brick wall that hinders me to achieve my goals; I saw it as a staircase that helped me climb the way to the top. We were given countless challenges to overcome: quizzes –announced and surprised, plates, graded recitations, name it, we have it! But after these challenges, one thing is for sure, we learned.

After memorable day, we shall be facing bigger problems to overcome. We just need to buckle and enjoy the roller coaster ride of life. Keep loving what you are doing. Failing is normal. Just make sure to learn from it. Failing simply means we have to improve and be better. Winston Churchill once said, never, never, never give up.

To FEU-Tech, thank you for giving us countless opportunities to grow and learn from. FEU-Tech made us tough and resilient which taught us to never give up. It was indeed a great battlefield for us to showcase our potentials.

To our dear professors, thank you for generously giving us the best knowledge that we deserve. Your lessons and principles will always live with us. You gave us challenging academic works you believe we can do if we put our best efforts. And you shared with us the necessary skills we need to be able to fulfill our responsibilities in the society.

To our classmates and friends who supported us in different ways, thank you very much.

To our loving parents and guardians who have been truly supportive in achieving our goals, thank you. You are the greatest people behind this milestone. This will not be possible without you. Your sacrifices will always be cherished in our hearts. Your untiring support and unconditional love will always be our fuel to give our best in each step we take. I know you are the proudest people today. We will always be thankful. Today is our milestone and a gift as well which we wish to give you. Loving parents, this is your day, your fruit of labor, and your success!

Above all let us glorify and thank the almighty God for giving us strength and wisdom to overcome the difficulties of life. We are grateful for the best people we have now. We thank Him for guiding us all the time to the right path.

Once again fellow graduates, Congratulations! Kudos to us! Let’s continue living with the core values of a true Tamaraw: Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness. These will help in building a better nation! God Bless Batch 2017!


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