FYI: There are Math Tutorials on PornHub

Obviously, people go on PornHub to get sexual pleasure. There are lots of videos to choose from depending on one’s preferences and fetishes, and I could go on all day to describe the content that can be found in this website. But rarely, and not even once in a blue moon, would one go on PornHub to look for videos explaining math concepts.

Some content creators think otherwise: they find the world’s leading free porn site as a suitable platform to share their knowledge in math.

If you visit right now and search for the keyword “math”, the first result is a video of a channel called MathHelp which explains “How to find the horizontal asymptote of a rational function”. Upon checking the user’s account details, it seems that he, assuming the person behind is a guy interested in girls as indicated in the profile, is serious about using PornHub to teach math: all of his 6 videos are related to math, and surprisingly there are no naked women in all. Well, that’s odd.

@MathHelp on PornHub

It gets more interesting going over his profile. His turn ons are “Remembering to set your calculator to Degree mode after resetting it (when not working with Radians), using a TI-83, knowing how to find the window settings of a graph”; meanwhile his turn offs are “Not being able to name the quadratic equation off the top of your head, not knowing how to reset your calculator, using a TI-84, using Zoom Fit while graphing, using Product Rule instead of Chain Rule with exponents”. Funny guy!

Going back to the search results, you would also find porn content with math in its title like “Math tutor seduces his shy student under the table” and “Alexa Rydell punishes her maths teacher”. But if you are not really looking to masturbate and want to learn math instead, you are also in for a treat as there are other users as well which upload math content like the ones below:

@nastynerd42 on PornHub
@Loliconnoisseur on PornHub

Looking for more math content on PornHub? Click here. Use tissue… if you have to cry for not understanding the topics.

Now you might be wondering how I discovered this. Please, do not ask. Stop pestering me. Thanks.

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