Free to Download: Electronics Engineering Students’ Study and Review Materials

Recently, I posted a link about study and review materials intended for civil engineering students and reviewees, thanks to the group on Facebook called the Civil Engineering Board Exam Problems. While they are mostly sourced from the Internet and just collated for easier access, it is still a big help for those whose resources are limited to study.

Although the drive is intended for civil engineer aspirants, there are files that can be used as references by others especially in topics of mathematics and general engineering. So check it out while the drive is still public.

Now, I stumbled upon another link Google Drive link compiled by a certain Alchilles Aldave that is targeted towards electronics engineering students. And it is a gold mine: it contains specialized topics, mostly under electronics engineering subjects. It also contains calculator techniques, coaching notes, practice problems, and several important ECE books, among others.

“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”

― John Naisbitt

Want to learn electronics engineering today? Check out this link below for the 25 GB worth of materials:


Same general rules apply:

  1. The files are all free to download so no selling of the materials will be allowed.
  2. Share to your friends and let’s all keep learning.

Don’t forget to comment down below what you think, or at least thank the compiler!

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