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FREE Adulting 101 E-Books!

Want to get access to Engineer Dee’s Adulting 101 e-book kit that is focused on finance, self-help, and personal development? All you have to do is attend our Business Opportunity Preview!

Business Opportunity Preview, or BOP, is an intro to the insurance industry under Team Dream Conquerors of Philam Life where Engineer Dee belongs. This is an opportunity for you to know what Engineer Dee does as a financial advisor and if you like it and will proceed, you will be mentored by Engineer Dee himself.

The BOP doesn’t require you to turn on your mic and cameras but it will be a bit interactive at the start of the program.

Here are the steps to take to get the free e-books:

  1. Register via m.me/dreamconquerors and choose BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Share your details as required.
  2. Choose the preferred schedule. Any other schedule chosen will not be part of this giveaway.
  3. Place Engineer Dee or Dee Reyes as the one who invited you.
  4. You will receive a Zoom link by the end of the conversation. Engineer Dee will be there during the event to assist you.
  5. Send me a screenshot of the Messenger confirmation via my Facebook page here so I know that you will be there.

The link to the Google Drive containing the e-books will be sent to your email address afterwards. Also, after the meeting, you have an option to request for a one-on-one with Engineer Dee should you want to become part of his team of financial advisors.

See you there!

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