He Overstayed in Engineering But Still He Topped His Board Exam

We hear plenty of stories about honor graduates and top of their classes acing their respective licensure examinations, belonging to the top ten. But rarely do we encounter tales of those who strive and do their best, even staying longer than usual while they finish their courses, then achieve great success in their board exam.

 Bryan Eric Olitoquit has that kind of story to share.

It took him 8 years, instead of the usual five, to finish his agricultural engineering course at Central Bicol State University of Agriculture. He encountered delays due to failed subjects and completion of thesis. Later, he clinched the top 6 spot in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Licensure Exam in November 2019.

His father, Marcial is a proud farmer in San Fernando, Camarines Sur while his mother, Lourdes is a Barangay Secretary. In an interview, Bryan said he drew inspiration from his parents who worked hard to let him finish his engineering studies. He added that he is grateful for his relatives who supported him financially in his college journey.

Bryan with his proud mother.

He also shared that his placement in the top ten was unexpected. Following the board exam, he told his father that he might not be able to make it due to the exam’s difficulty.

Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

Now that he is a licensed agricultural engineer, Bryan said that he will give back to his parents by finding a job then develop their fertile land.

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