A Project Born Out of the COVID-19 Quarantine

It’s Day 56 of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines following the COVID-19 outbreak. By this time, I have come to terms with the new dynamics of everyday living, accepting that this will be the new normal for a while. Due to changes in my daily routine, I am able spend time on things that I usually did not bother making time for.

Like creating this website, EngineerDee.com.

In the past few years that I developed and built my Facebook page by the name “Engineer Dee”, with more than 100,000 organic followers as of posting, only a website was missing in the About section. I thought it would take too much work just to complete my Page’s profile, and deemed it unnecessary to have a website at the time, hence I would make every excuse to delay it or never do it at all.

Came May 9, 2020. It dawned upon me that I should give it a go, and while on quarantine is probably the best time to execute and build the website. So here it is.

Like my Facebook page, this platform is designed to inform, inspire, and humor engineers in the Philippines. I will also put here content that is aligned to my interests like renewable energy and data science. Moreover, this will be the perfect place to post my portfolio as a professional for headhunters to check.  

Nonetheless, welcome to EngineerDee.com, a project born out of the COVID-19 quarantine.

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