A 27-Year-Old Man Who Takes Risks

The first 5 minutes of my day are usually spent on checking the time and date on my phone, looking at myself in the mirror briefly, taking a piss, and drinking water. In that order.

Today is June 9th, a weekday, so I have work.

I see my reflection like usual but spent a little more time observing. I uttered, “Fuck, I’m old,” upon seeing my greying hair as if my birthday gave me a better view of it.

My pee is quite like the same; my water still I like ice cold.

But everything hits differently now that I am 27. And it happened at an interesting time during isolation.

I made a post on my Facebook page as a birthday note from two years ago that became viral, still being shared today. I read it again and felt that while I have not achieved my goals yet, I have come so far from when I wrote that note.

At that time, I faced a personal crisis: I thought of leaving my online job after more than two years for a career in the solar industry. It was a difficult decision because the field is totally new to me being a civil engineer, not to mention my background in electrical engineering is terrible as a student. With this, I invested in training. I juggled being a student of solar installation during the day and a digital content editor at night.

But I did not expect that life would play a game with me.

Just as I was about to file my resignation, I was offered a promotion for a work that is to cover engineering and tech events in Dubai. To work in that city is everything I have ever dreamt of, but it wasn’t the kind of work I liked to do anymore. Plus, the offer was too low. In the end, I declined the offer with reservations. I also bid goodbye to that job.

Shortly after that, I was hired to be part of the sales team of one of the biggest solar companies in the Philippines based in Makati.

I was all on my own at 25 years old, with a new job on a new field in a new city.

Everything was new; it was a great restart, but to move from there was quite scary. A lot of uncertainties came my way, but I guess I was able to manage them all.

It has been two years since.

By far, taking that leap of faith is one of my bravest decisions as a young adult, also the one of the biggest risks I took in my life. Now, I am reaping the rewards of that risk.

Taking a look at my professional profile, you’ll see that somehow I have become an accomplished solar business professional, or at least I like to think that way. And yet it wasn’t everything I imagined myself to be 2 years ago.

What I want to highlight with this birthday post is to enlighten my audience to embrace big changes in your life that might be outside of your comfort zone.

Take that risk! I have learned the hard way that indecision is worse than a bad decision. And that regrets indeed come last. It is our fear of failure that corrupts our mind and prevents us from doing things beyond our capabilities. When paired with self-doubt, it becomes a deadly combo. It is only then that you will see yourself not making progress at all.  

This is not to say to grab every opportunity that comes your way, but more of to discern on how to move forward in order to achieve your personal goals.

If I did not put up my Facebook page way back, I would not have been the Engineer Dee you know today. If I did not decide to push through this website during the quarantine, I would have been limited to social media only.

But then I took the risk.

And I will wake up again tomorrow – doing my 5-minute morning routine – thankful that I did, plus the thousand other risks, big and small, that put me where I am today.


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  1. Happy birthday! wishing you a longer years to live. You inspired me by your outlooks in life. Keep on lifting up people by your words of wisdom. God bless you sir!

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